TSS-Underground also provides complete full scanning (underground mapping) and software services about underground projects (including mining and tunneling). Using special equipment we have the opportunity to scan a complete 360o degree sphere from a single position. The scan data can be corrected to a 3D XYZ point cloud created an 3D image of the underground project.


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Subcontract mining is a form of out sourcing whereby a project owner finding an outside contractor to conduct all or a portion of mine development and operations. In providing contract mining services, TSS draws upon its broad range of disciplines:

  • Engineering and estimating staff assesses mine able reserves based on geological reserve estimates provided by the owner
  • Assesses mine feasibility and designs underground operations, including mine shafts, ore and waste handling systems, mine dewatering systems, backfill systems and ventilation systems
  • Selecting and procuring equipment.
  • Determining manpower requirements. Once the feasibility and design of an underground mine has been established, our company is able to develop and operate the mine with its equipment, specialized personnel and management systems.

Where it assumes responsibility for mine operation, TSS hires staff, develops production budgets and schedules, produces reports, maintains regulatory permits and filings, manages operating staff and assumes overall responsibility for safety and loss control.

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TSS-Underground has specialized staff and equipment also own fleet of machines to provide specialized and integrated services in underground mines. We offer a wide variety of mining services such as:

  • Drilling with Jumbo machines
  • Blasting
  • Loading with a fair number of Scooptrams underground loaders
  • Scaling
  • Roof Bolting
  • Frame Support
  • Pumping and installation of water networks
  • Ventilation
  • Electricity Works
  • Prospecting

And generally all services needed for a successful underground operation. The above services are provided separately or as turnkey projects depending on customer needs. Mines development involves the excavation of access ramps and declines and the excavation of drifts and crosscuts leading to the ore body. The proper design and proper access of the mine, particularly underground mines is for our basic principle.

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