TSS-Underground operates successfully the last years in European bauxite and Magnesite mines. Extracted minerals (mainly bauxite, magnesite and magnesia) are available also on sale. For available quantities and qualities please contact our sales office.


Bauxite is a combination of minerals, and is the principal ore of aluminum. Considered and sedimentary rock formed by weathering aluminosilicate rocks.

For the production of alumina, which is used for aluminum production, we need a bauxite, which contain :

  • More than 45-50% Al2O3
  • Less than 20% Fe2O3
  • Up to 5 % Si

Most common uses for Bauxite are:

  • The main ore export aluminum. The main use (approximately 85 % of the produced bauxite used for aluminum production).
  • Material grinding at high temperatures: When heated to melt, it gets crystallized, obtaining high hardness, giving abrasive properties.
  • Manufacture of refractory materials.
  • Construction of fast setting cement (diasporic bauxite).
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TSS-Underground operates as sub-contractor in underground mines at Fokis, Greece. In four
years of operation TSS has extracted over 200.000 tons of bauxite and created over 3.000
meters of access galleries.

Exploration method is chambers and pillars and roof support is bolting.





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